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Tips for Sharing the Road with Motorcycles in Kansas City

Posted by Roger McLean | Apr 30, 2013 | 0 Comments

Spring is here, and summer is around the corner.  It is motorcycle season inKansas City!  For all the joy we feel on the back of a bike, it doesn't hurt to remind ourselves how vulnerable we are out there, sharing the road with cars and trucks.

It goes without saying that motorcycles and cars can be a deadly combination on the road. Thousands of bikers are killed and injured every year in accidents with cars.      A few sensible precautions can help prevent a tragedy.

Tips for Car Drivers

  • Allow extra room when driving behind a motorcycle.  Motorcyclists have a much shorter slowing and stopping distance than cars.  That is simple physics.  Also, even a slight collision from behind can have devastating results for the biker because two wheels are less stable than four, and the rider is entirely exposed, i.e. no bumpers or fenders to protect him;
  • During this season especially, check your blind spots before changing lanes, and then check them again! The number one reason for motorcycle crashes is a car changing lanes or turning into the motorcycle.
  • Before continuing into an intersection from a stop, check for oncoming traffic, and then check again!  Obviously, motorcycles are harder to see than cars.  But, as responsible drivers, it is our responsibility to see what is there to be seen;
  • Always use your turn signal so the motorcyclist (and anyone else, for that matter) can understand your intentions and respond accordingly.

Tips for Motorcyclists

  • WEAR A HELMET!  WEAR A HELMET!  WEAR A HELMET!  I don't care what your state law says.  Wear a damn helmet!  I know you like that wind rushing through your hair.  But the #1 cause of death and serious injury in motorcycle crashes is head injuries.  Protect yourself.  Wear a helmet.
  • Ride like you're invisible to other drivers.  While tooling down the road, have you ever looked a stopped driver dead in the eye; then watched as they pulled right out in front of you?  I hope it was just a near miss, because otherwise it was a disaster.  I know they should see you.  But, always assume they don't.
  • Don't ride between lines of slow cars and don't linger beside them when you pass.  Remember, you're invisible to them.

I'd love to hear your tips for keeping us all safer.  Have a safe motorcycle season.  If you need information on my personal injury services, call my office today at 913-281-3221 for a free confidential consultation.  For more than three decades I have helped accident victims throughoutKansas City receive fair compensation for their injuries.  I would be happy to provide you with personalized, superior legal representation.

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