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Welcome to the Law Firm of Roger W. McLean, P.A. After serving as a State Court Judge, I returned to the private practice of law in order to establish a firm that addressed the needs and rights of individuals. The Insurance Industry and large businesses have teams of highly experienced lawyers devoted to protecting their interests-their “bottom line.” I believed the playing field should be leveled for ordinary people like you and me–like my family and yours. Our practice is devoted to leveling that playing field.

Our Founding Principles

As founder of the firm, I decided on a few basic principals to guide our practice.

First, we would not, under any circumstances, represent any insurance company or business interest against any individual;

Second, we would make ourselves available to people for initial consultation at no charge-ever;

Third, we would keep our fees reasonable so that quality legal services would be available to average people. For injury cases, we would accept no fee at all until we won;

Fourth, we would limit the number of cases we handled so that our clients would know their individual needs would be met. We would not be a “legal mill.” We would know each one of our clients.

Fifth, we would develop a network of highly qualified attorneys practicing in other areas of the law so that our clients could always rely on us to refer them to the right place, even on cases we could not handle ourselves;

Sixth, we would hold ourselves to the highest ethical and professional standards possible, and invite our clients to expect nothing less. I am proud to say in my 30 years as an attorney and judge, I have never been the subject of a single complaint of professional misconduct. Not one! These are our principals and our standards. If you believe, as we do, that ordinary people should have the benefit of high quality, affordable, and ethical legal representation, we welcome your call. Thank you for visiting our website and we hope you find it interesting.

Our Practice

We focus our practice on the needs of personal injury victims in Kansas and Missouri:

  • Serious personal injury and wrongful death. We handle a broad range of serious personal injury claims, from motor vehicle accidents to workplace injuries. We represent clients in cases involving all types of serious injuries, including brain and spinal cord trauma, paralysis and loss of limb. We also represent individuals and families in wrongful death actions.
  • Auto accidents. We protect the rights of people who have been injured in car or motorcycle accidents. We will act as your advocate with insurance companies, helping you fight attempts to wrongfully deny, delay or underpay legitimate claims.
  • Truck accidents. We represent individuals who have been injured in accidents involving commercial trucks, such as semis, big rigs, 18-wheelers and tractor-trailers.

We also work closely with people who have prior felony or misdemeanor convictions and want to permanently remove those convictions from their record through an expungement proceeding.

If your legal problem is outside our areas of practice we offer a referral service.

At the Law Offices of Roger W. McLean, P.A., we are committed to the principle that ordinary people should have access to high quality, affordable and ethical legal representation. Contact our office via e-mail or call us at 913-281-3221 for a free initial consultation.

Where We Serve

At the Law Offices of Roger W. McLean, P.A., we represent individuals throughout all Counties and Cities in the Kansas City metro area and beyond, including; Wyandotte County, Johnson County, and Leavenworth County in Kansas; and Jackson County in Missouri.


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