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Expungement Lawyer in Kansas City

Former State Court Judge Can Help You Erase a Criminal Record in Kansas or Missouri

I believe in redemption!  All a person needs sometimes, in order to succeed, is a second chance.  If you have a past criminal conviction and you have completed your sentence, you may be eligible to have your arrest and conviction records expunged.  Expungement is a court procedure that allows you to Petition to have your criminal records sealed from view.  If your Petition is granted, you will then have a right to be treated for most purposes as though you had never been arrested, prosecuted or convicted of the crime.

Expungement is a way for a person to get a fresh start with a clean slate.  With your record cleared, you will enjoy better job opportunities; an easier time finding a nice place to live; and, in many cases, your 2nd Amendment right to own a firearm will be restored to you.  

Helping You With the Expungement of a Criminal Record

I have over 40 years of practice experience as a lawyer and as a State Court Judge.  I am experienced with the complicated rules and procedures that must be followed to Petition the Court and obtain the expungement of a criminal record.  

If you were convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor and successfully completed your sentence, call me to see if you qualify to have your record expunged and sealed.  I would love to help get you that fresh start.  Please see our Expungement FAQ page for more information about expungements.

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