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Criminal Defense Lawyer in Kansas City

Former State Court Judge Helping You Erase a Criminal Record in Kansas and now, Missouri

If you have been convicted of a crime and served your time, you have paid your debt to society. You don't want to let something you did in the past keep you from doing the things you want to do now, including finding a job, securing a place to live or owning a firearm. In many situations, once you have completed the terms of your sentence, you can request that your prior conviction be expunged, or removed from the public records. You want an experienced attorney to help you expunge your record, one who knows the laws and will make certain that you follow proper procedure.

At the Law Offices of Roger W. McLean, P.A., we have over 37 years of practice experience. Attorney Roger McLean is a former state court judge and has a strong understanding to the ways to successfully remove prior convictions from your criminal record. We offer prompt and thorough legal counsel at a reasonable cost. Contact us or call us at 913-281-3221 for a free initial consultation.

Helping You With the Expungement of a Criminal Record

If you are applying for a job, a mortgage or to lease an apartment, you may have to submit to a criminal background check. If you have a criminal record, you may be disqualified for certain employment and may find it difficult to find a decent place to live. A criminal record can also affect your rights to custody or visitation with minor children, limit or preclude your right to vote and keep you from owning a gun.

Whether you were convicted of a felony or a misdemeanor, we will work closely with you to determine whether you qualify to have the conviction expunged. We will carefully guide you through the process, making certain that you are always informed of your options and your likelihood of success. Please see our Expungement FAQ page for more information about expungements.

At the Law Offices of Roger W. McLean, P.A., we are committed to the principle that ordinary people should have access to high quality, affordable and ethical legal representation. Contact our office or call us at 913-281-3221 for a free initial consultation.