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Wrongful Death

If You Have Lost a Loved One to the Careless Act of Another

If you have lost a loved one through the carelessness of another, the law calls that a "wrongful death."  The survivors of such a tragedy are left with a hole in their lives and, quite often, in deep financial and economic distress.  If such a calamity has befallen you, I am prepared to hold the responsible parties accountable, and to see that your family isn't left to bear the loss uncompensated.

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Experienced Attorney • Wrongful Death

I have practiced law and served as a Trial Court Judge over a career spanning over 40 years.  I have handled thousands of injury cases and many, many wrongful death cases.  I personally handle every case I accept, so my clients are never shuffled off to a paralegal or junior partner to deal with.  When you call my office with a question or a need, you and I will speak directly.   

If you lose a loved one to the careless actions of another, you and your family may face challenges to pay the final expenses of your family member; keeping the bills paid without that person's income; meeting other family and financial obligations your deceased fulfilled when alive.  You may also be forced to deal with insurance companies who do not have you or your family's best interests as their priority. 

My experience can help get you through a difficult time.  I will manage the details to be see that your family's immediate financial needs are met in the short term.  I will take full charge of dealing with the Insurance Companies' claims adjusters and lawyers.  I will see that the final medical expenses and funeral costs are paid; any loss of family income is reimbursed, and that all the other harms and losses caused by the at-fault person are fully paid by the Insurance Company.  

If you or your family suffer such a tragedy caused by the carelessness of another, call me.  Let me put my experience to work for you. 

I have nearly 40 years of practice experience. I am a former a State Court Trial Judge.  I have handled thousands of personal injury claims. If experience matters to you, call or email me for a free, no obligation consult.  Contact us or call us at 913-281-3221.

Our Serious Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Practice

We handle a wide range of personal injury and wrongful death claims, including cases involving:

    • Motor vehicle crashes
    • Car crashes, including driver or passenger injury
    • Motorcycle injuries, including helmet and non-helmet injuries
    • Truck and bus wrecks
    • Rollovers
    • Bicycle and pedestrian accidents
    • Dangerous Premises liability
    • Trips and falls, including accidents involving broken or slick stairs or sidewalks
    • Workplace injuries (workers' compensation claims will be referred to a specialist)
    • Industrial accidents
    • Construction injuries
    • Commercial accidents
    • Legal malpractice

    I handle cases involving all types of injuries, from broken bones and fractures to disc injuries and paralysis, from scarring and nerve injuries to sprained or torn ligaments. I represent people whose injuries require physical therapy, pain therapy, orthopedic care and surgery.